Why Us

Making Office IT More Efficient

If you asked an IT support person what's the most common task in his job, he probably say waiting. Issues doesn't come up continuously, and most IT support person spend their time waiting to solve issues. However, you also cannot hire someone instantly and have him be an effective IT person. You need someone to up to date and knowledgable about your IT tools and stack, and you are paying your IT person to maintain that knowledge.

The result is that there is a huge inefficiency in how IT is done today. IT workers can work on more things over multiple companies and would definitely do so for a higher wage. Companies can cut down their IT cost by only having their IT person on demand and pay for only hours that they need. This is what Office IQ wants to achieve.


Hiring Better People

Only through reviews can you find who is good and bad at their jobs. Once an IT person is hired with an organization, there is often no review of his work. With a quick review after every job, like after every Uber ride, it makes it easier to both allow the IT person to improve over time and the platform to weed out worse performers over time.


No Misaligned incentives

Equipment sales accounts for 1/3 of a lot of IT company's income. Selling Cisco networking, software, and machine upgrades is a part how IT companies make money. This is great if those are what a company needs, however, a lot of IT companies sell unnecessary and expensive networking equipment and hardware upgrades.

Office IQ will use our vendor relationship to buy equipment but we refuse to make money on hardware. This make sure that our interests are aligned with our clients.


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