Our platform: Conductor

We think there is too much paperwork and operation involved in IT. We examined it from every perspective to create a platform that reduces work for everyone. We called it conductor after train conductors that keeps the train running on time

For Clients: The fastest and most responsive way to get tech support

  1. Your SMS -> Our team on Slack

    SMS was the best way we thought to communicate since you avoid phone tag and it's faster than email. When you reach us, it goes to a channel on our Slack where both the operation person from our company and the tech is there.
  2. Instant notification and transparent billing

    When the tech arrives onsite, you get a instant notification after he checks in. After he's done with the the task, he writes a summary and checks out. You get the duration deducted from your monthly support balance and everything is verifiable.
  3. Clear reporting

    All hours are reflected in a Google Spreadsheet shared with you and updated in a hourly basis.

For Techs: Avoid invoicing and better communication

  1. Get setup easily on slack

    Once your pass our interview and checks. You get access to our Slack where you can setup your bio and get ready for work. You can see all the client communications and chat with them directly. Our remote ops/IT team can field questions when you are not busy onsite.
  2. Easy payment setup

    We use Stripe, so you can get paid from either a debit card or bank account. You can setup your account to get notifications whenever you are paid by text. We payout once a month for the previous month's work on the first.
  3. No paperwork and clear hour billing

    After you checkout, your account automatically gets credited with the hours you worked. You can check your hours worked before the billing date in Slack anytime. YOU DON'T NEED TO INVOICE US.

For enterprise: Multiple points of contacts

  1. Onboard anyone at your workplace to our platform to give you employees direct access

    A lot of our clients have multiple offices, each with it's own office manager/owners. Conductor allows multiple people to contact us for support and for us to check in and check out in different channels, all using the main IT account of the client as long as they have the same email domain name.